About Daycare


360°Kids Day Care is a full time and child-centric daycare center. Our operations are taken care of by experts in early childhood development. The team is headed by an experienced educationist and a Child Counselor.  Our team consists of 35 member staff. The organizational structure consists of Incharge, Manager, Supervisor, Teachers & Nannies. Daycare has earned a reputation for the best creche because of continuous efforts towards excellence.

We started a playschool over two decades ago and our full-fledged daycare center started functioning in 2011. We started with a single child, and today we have more than two hundred kids with us. 

Firstly, the center has a dedicated daycare space of over 4000 sq.ft. and over 1500 sq.ft. for related services because kids need space. Secondly, we maintain staff to child ratio of 1:3, so that we can provide personal care and attention. Furthermore, provide day routine dashboard for parents. These dashboards contain vital information like meals, quantity, water consumption, etc. In other words in this daycare industry, we are setting new standards and raising the bar continuously. We provide a friendly environment and quality daycare service to meet the daily physical, emotional and social needs of children as well as parents.

Finally, the purpose of this venture is to help working parents raise their children without compromising their careers. 360 Kids ensure the best nurturing environment for the kid’s development. Our satisfied customers as our best assets and are proud to have witnessed consistent growth.

Other Facilities

  • Play School Facility in Mahavir Enclave & Vaishali Colony.
  • Behavioral Assessment of Children.
  • Behavioral Coaching of Children.
  • Counseling Sessions for Young Parents.
  • Personality Assessment & Real-Time Reporting.
  • Homework & Tuition for School Going Childre.
  • Hygenic, Healthy, Tasty & Fresh Food.


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