The genesis of 360° Kids Day Care may be traced back to the year 2000 when a play school was founded by Mrs. Geeta Sharma. After growing in stature, expanding to two branches and serving over 2000 children, it was decided to fill the vacuum for a full time, child centric day care, dedicated to the nurturing of children for all round development. Thus, 360° Kids Day Care was born in 2011, when a Child Psychologist and a Strategic Expert also joined hands.

As a full fledged day care centre, we had a modest beginning with just a couple of kids in 2011. With the genesis, 360 Kids has come a long way since then, having grown to over 60 kids and 30 staff members at present. Within a short span of four years, the centre has grown from strength to strength in terms of parent’s satisfaction, employee satisfaction and overall financial performance.

Presently, the centre has a dedicated daycare space of over 4000 sq.ft., and over 1500 sq.ft. for related services. With a staff to child ratio of 1:3, the centre provides personalized care and services, setting the standards and raising the bar continuously.

Excellent transport facility, a hygienic and safe environment, ample support for studies etc., add to the genesis or legacy of 360° Kids Daycare, contributing to the growing list of satisfied parents.


All under one roof, in a convenient location, we provide nurturing with love and dedication.

  • Day Care Shift – 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.
  • Night Care Shift – 9:00 pm to 6:00 am.
  • Age Group: 3months to 12 Years.
  • Freshly Cooked, wholesome, vegetarian meal, snacks & milk.
  • Safe & reliable transport facility from home to the center and back.
  • Age-appropriate skill Development & Recreational Activities – Dance, Taekwondo, calligraphy, potty training, yoga, meditation, etc.
  • After School Studies, Homework and Tuition.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Behavioural Coaching for kids with or without behavioral disorders.
  • Parenting Training Programs, kids and parent counseling.


  • Kids & the Environment: We ensure that kids of all age groups don’t miss home by seamlessly providing loving parental care. The clean, upscale, odor-free and healthy environment makes the kids happy and comfortable.
  • Infrastructure: Constantly upgraded, safety compliant, building & fixtures, transport vehicles, amenities for the kids and staff and standardized procedures make the everyday experience at the center, a very pleasant one. Both kids and staff eagerly look forward to it.
  • Staff: Recruitment, training, supervision, facilities, and appraisals for staff are fine-tuned to industry standards to make our center one of the best places to work for. Since the staff deal with bundles of joy on an everyday basis in an enabling and empowering atmosphere, there is hardly any employee turnover.
  • Transport: Convenient pick up and drop facilities in safe and well-maintained vehicles for kids and staff are provided. Drivers and helpers are well trained, warm, courteous and child-friendly.
  • Administration: A very transparent, interactive administration is in place. We endeavor to encourage active participation of all stakeholders including kids, parents, staff and business associates through online and offline platforms. We also look forward to joining hands with local government authorities to take the center forward, fulfilling the promises and expectations to the best of our capacities and serve as a role model in child care.
  • Transparency and Participation: We will encourage transparency & participation of customers, staff, management, parenting experts, and government & local authorities to keep all stakeholders satisfaction up to their expectations through offline and online platforms.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We understand that keeping old customers is more profitable than finding new customers, hence customer satisfaction will be our top priority.
  • Better Return to Investors: We will provide and strategies short & long term returns by adhering to the best business strategies and live up to our brand.
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