Baby Massage in daycare creates bonding between child and nanny therefore infants and toddlers enjoy a sense of reassurance with their caretaker. Some of the major benefits of massage in creche are:

• Develop Bonding between our daycare or creche staff and child.
• Increase the trust level in child & communication with us.
• Manage stress in children.
• Understanding of child temperament.

You feed your baby appropriately at the right moment, clean up, change the dress, play with it and then put the baby to sleep. Mothers can’t wait to do all these all over again, the moment the baby wakes up!

When you are lucky to be a stay at home mother, you can do all these and more; if you are a working mother, you may have to sacrifice some of this quality time with your infant. Either ways, you need to go a step further to engage in a mutually enjoyable activity with your baby on a regular basis – Baby Massaging. We take on this role in the Massage Corner at 360° Kids Day Care.


A gentle, smooth rubbing of the baby all over the body, using clean, warm palms and finger tips, with slight pressure, with or without baby oil, for 10 to 30 min. a day. At first it is the flow of our love to your baby through the sense of touch and then baby gives you a wide smile to validate the bond between two. This is done systematically with a regular schedule, taking care to check whether the baby is enjoying the process.


From our childhood days, we have learned that incorporation of touch is very essential for emotional & development needs. Some of these are being stated here:

  • Baby massage enhances the quality of intimate relationships with your baby, enabling it to experience soothing comfort and a sense of security.
  • The baby develops sensory awareness.
  • Relaxes the baby and reduces stress.
  • Stimulates the baby’s internal organs, regulates blood flow and secretion of vital hormones.
  • Promotes a baby’s sleep.
  • It also promotes appetite and digestion.
  • Massage tones up muscles and encourages weight gain.
  • The oil used in massage nourishes the baby’s skin.
  • It enables us to check the baby thoroughly for any outward condition of the body during the process.
  • At 360° Kids Day Care, we are well equipped with the knowledge & experience on When and how to massage babies.
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