At 360° Kids Day Care, we interact with kids with an awareness that each kid is unique. Each kid comes with a baggage of his/her own traits, beliefs, talents and capacities which ultimately culminate in his/her personality. It is the personality that goes out and determines the degree of success of the kid.

A winning personality is one that is aware of one’s own inherent and unlimited potential, coupled with immense self-belief, high self-esteem and strong inner power to face any situation boldly and win over it, unscathed. At 360° Kids Day Care, we fully realize the most important role we play in laying the foundation for a winning personality at the most impressionable age of the child.

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We are fully conscious of the fact that the personality, character and core values formed during childhood stay with one for life. So, we start by accepting each kid for what he/she is, without being judgmental. We proceed to shower unconditional love and moral support to each kid. We wean the kid away from fear, anxiety, worry, stress and another such emotionally draining mindset, replacing them with positive, happy and cheerful spirit to enjoy the present moment.

We are firmly assertive about the values and disciplines we teach the young kids but coat it with love so that they understand the importance of being disciplined and happily follow it. We focus particularly on the discipline for studies balanced with other activities. We constantly strive to achieve this perfection and continually upgrade ourselves with the latest developments in this field.

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