How do you take care of a sick child in the Day Care?

Our staff trained in first aid would give special attention immediately to the child and keep the child in a separate room. We would immediately inform the parents. In case of a minor ailment, vomiting or discomfort, we would administer the same prescribed medicine, on the advice of parents, if they are used to a […]

How is your day care different from others?

Our Day Care is a dedicated centre, not a play school or home. We are a well organized, professional Day Care Centre with a dedicated team of management and staff. We provide facilities like CCTV, daily dash board and a superior quality of living for children and day care staff. There is a dedicated in […]

How much time does the baby take to adjust?

It is an interesting question. It depends on the nature of the child, age of the child and prior experience of the child in day care, if any. Most babies adjust within first two days; however some of them take as long as 10 days.

Is there a separate area for babies?

Yes, there is a separate area for babies. Babies should never be grouped with older children. There is allocated area and a separate team for infants to take care and stay with the babies all the time.

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