Best Daycare Practices by 360° Kids Day


Firstly the most important factor is the best daycare environment a creche has to offer.  Most creches and playschools promise too many activities and often lead to chaos. As a result, this leads to overcrowding and disturbing the child area most often. 360 Kids offer an ambiance of a clean, exclusive, odor-free and healthy environment making kids happy and comfortable. Unlike many such centers, 360°Kids Day Care is a professional and well organized, child-friendly organization.

Secondly, we constantly aspire to raise the bar on the quality of child care way beyond. Therefore, parents have a sense of safety and satisfaction during their absence at home. This nurturing sum up to a warm, inviting, professional ambiance where children are fed with a healthy meal and rested well. Meanwhile, we engage children in educational and healthy activities to give them an environment to grow.

Best Daycare
Best Daycare & Creche

Quality of Care-Givers:

Further, at 360° Kids Day Care, we have a full-time training in-charge to train and educate caregiver staff. As it helps in constant improvement in their performance and raising their benchmark. Therefore, our staff enjoys doing their job. We provide training, supervision, and appraisal to daycare staff periodically for their performance.

The caregivers at 360° Kids Day Care are warm, courteous, emotionally expressive and responsive. Therefore, they always act in a positive manner, empowering the children for emotional stability. The staff to child ratio is 1:2, enabling personalized care.

In most home-based creches & playschools, such an effort to enhance the quality of caregivers does not exist for economical reasons. For more on our service, facilities and admission contact us today.

Most Trusted Daycare
Operational Priorities

Operational excellence is the topmost priority of 360 Kids Daycare. Therefore, we never compromise service delivery & performance for profit sake. Our customers appreciate our endeavors to introduce new services or innovation to make our services the best in class. Therefore, we also invite participation from all stakeholders to innovate and audit our performance.

Home-base creches and playschool cum day care centers accord priority to make profits by compromising daycare services delivery. Read more signs of the best daycare practices for parents.

Day care Transport

At 360°Kids Day Care, we have pickup and drop facility from school and home for our boarders. Transport is available from 6:30 in the morning to 9:30 in the night.

Cabs are well maintained, drivers and helpers are well trained, courteous and child-friendly. Home-based creches and playschool cum daycare centers don’t provide such an efficient transport facility for viability reasons.

At present, our transport facility covers Janakpuri, Dwarka, Palam, Mahavir Enclave, Dabri, Nasirpur, and other nearby areas.

Day Care Studies
Fun & Play

360°Kids Day Care offers a variety of age-appropriate, fun-fill activities for boarders. These include yoga, meditation, calligraphy, art/craft classes, dance, music, studies, etc. We also help the children to lead as students, healthy and satisfying life.

On another hand, home base creches and playschool cum daycare centers have some set of activities that their budgets permit. They try to give a miss to activities that require experts like dance, martial art, behavior counseling.

Creche CCTV
360°Kids Day Care doesn’t impose restrictions of entry for parents into children’s areas. Likewise, every corner of the center is cover by CCTV and monitor by floor in-charge cum Supervisor and Manager.  Home-base creches and playschool cum daycare centers have limitations in regards. That is to say that any owner will have its own reservations on providing for such level of exposure to their personal life.
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