Have a sneak-view of our daycare services here, because that makes 360 Kids a complete daycare and the best one. Services are fundamentals of any creche or daycare therefore parents must go through details. We have mention our major services here, however, if you require some additional facility, feel free to contact us.


There is plenty of space for the kids so that enjoy themselves and roam freely. Under expert supervision, well trained & experienced maids keep a watchful eye as the kids play. In addition to this, we provide comfortable bedding for kids to rest and sleep.

Kids need to bring their own set of clothes & blankets in winters, similarly the toddlers, their own diapers. Parents are allowed to send their own meals, snacks, milk, etc. We encourage parents to send healthy, home-cooked & fresh food rather than junk, processed food, however they can send cakes and pastries on the birthday.


We have our fully operational, hygienic kitchen, where we prepare healthy, wholesome, delicious meals for the kids and staff ranging from breakfast, lunch, snacks to dinner. However, we cook only vegetarian food and serve.

We prepare baby food at our kitchen with strict quality control. Parents can deposit approved infant formula, breastfeed or its substitutes for feeding the infants. Healthy eating habits are ingrain in the children, along with good table manners. In other words, we discourage Junk food.


Daycare provides convenient pickup and drops facilities in safe and well-maintain vehicles for kids and staff. Drivers and helpers are well aware, courteous and child-friendly. Road and children safety guidelines are strictly adhered to. The child is being accompanied by the maid who the kid is familiar with, to & fro.

Transport timings are based on your routine, however, in any unforeseen instance of a further delay, we would love to spend some more time with your kids in any such situation.


We provide baby massage to our infant boarder by trained staff. A gentle, smooth rubbing of the baby all over the body, using clean, warm palms and fingertips, with slight pressure, with or without baby oil, for 10 to 30 min. It is the flow of our love to your baby through the sense of touch. 

This is done systematically with a regular schedule, ensuring that the baby is enjoying the process. Read more


We provide arrangements for school going kids to keep up with homework, assignments & projects after school. They help & encourage children for self-study and creation of their own study circle. Teachers provide a better understanding of basic concepts that have been introduced in their schools and subsequently encourage them to practice extensively. So children gain tremendous self-confidence reflects in their academic performance. Read more


Age-appropriate set of recreational activities have been put in place to actively engage the children. Since this is the best platform for experiential learning, we practice these exhaustingly. Children quickly learn to interact well with other kids, picking up the nuances and adapting themselves to changing conditions.

Our daycare programs ensure a 360 personality development of kids, subsequently, you can request an assessment with us.


If there is any other service that your child require and that isn’t listed here, feel free to ask us

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