Counselling for Behavior Problems In Children

Broadly there are two kinds of behavioral problems in children; one common behavior problem, second clinical behavior disorders that can be solved by counseling.

Common Behavior Problems are found in all children like tantrums, laziness, shyness, attention-seeking, craving for fast food, restlessness, mood swings, avoiding studies, a bit of aggressiveness, etc. These behavior problems usually disappear with growing age with little persuasion and guidance by parents or teachers. In-fact without these common sweet problems, a child is incomplete.

Clinical Behavior Disorders- Children are naughty, defiant and impulsive at some point in time, which is perfectly normal. But some children are on the extreme side and are way out of their respective age for these common behavior issues. These children require proper diagnosis and treatment or training under proper medical supervision with the help of drug or placebo therapy.

The most common disruptive behavior disorders include ODD, CD and ADHD. We do not offer any online or offline help for clinical cases. However, it is a good idea to have our personality assessment session to clear our suspicion if any.

How Counselling Works

How Counselling Works?

Parents can control the behavior problems of their child with correct information on causes and effects, with proper counseling.

Causes: Every child has a different personality that makes a child behave that way. For example, my child is very high on dominance traits, so no matter whatever I ask him, he is not going to respond in a tractable pattern.

Effects: If not controlled in time, he might lose his friends and well-wishers. Won’t be surprised to receive complaints about his frequent confrontation with his peers and teachers.

What should you do? – You cannot change the personality trait of the child, but you can channelize his energy to those traits which will normalize his aggressiveness and with a bit of tweaking.

For Instance: – Put the child into an activity where he will have to tone up his sensitivity and warmth to complete a job like making him participate in a community workshop, especially for underprivileged ones.

About Our Counselor

Ms. Rekha Jyoti is a Behavioral Coach for Kids in our Day Care Centre.

She is a Postgraduate in Clinical & Counseling Psychology from Utkal University Bhuvneshwar, Odisha, India. Completed Graduation from Ravenshaw Autonomous College, Cuttack, and schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Baripada, Odisha, India.

Ms. Jyoti was born and brought up in a traditional joint family under a very protective and cozy environment. She was shy and reserved but very enthusiastic and ambitious; always eager to learn something new and do something different. Her dreams had a big hand in changing her personality gradually post-marriage and child.

As a student, she was her therapist, not only in school but also during college years. She was also popular among students as she used to participate in different cultural and educational activities. In her childhood, she loved playing with colors and paintbrushes than with toys and people who know her also say that she used to talk less and dance more. She had a world of her own. Apart from books, she took a lot of interest in painting and dancing.

For her friends, Jyoti was the one with whom they can confide and share their feeling without any hesitation. She was a great support during the tough times and was also the one with whom friends loved to laugh, enjoy and celebrate their happiness.

Jyoti loved interacting with people and making friends. People and their lives have always attracted her. Rekha believed in empathizing with people than only sympathizing with them. Jyoti had great concern for people in distress and wanted to work for the disabled. She thought that people should live a healthy and happy life first to have a successful experience later on.

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